Hey Nineteen – Tribute to Steely Dan

Hey Nineteen – Tribute to Steely Dan

Hey Nineteen is the nation’s top Steely Dan Tribute band. An eleven piece groove machine which brings an enormous amount of performance energy and spot on Steely Dan music to its audiences.

Hey Nineteen Band Photo

Hey Nineteen Band Photo

Hey Nineteen is the Nation’s top Steely Dan tribute band! An 11 piece group of professional musicians with the theoretical knowledge and musicality required to master the complex music of Steely Dan. They have packed venues throughout New England and are well known for their high energy show as well as their “spot on Steely Dan sound!


Hey Nineteen is the nation’s top Steely Dan tribute. An eleven piece groove machine which brings an enormous amount of performance energy and spot on Steely Dan music to its audiences. Hey Nineteen will amaze you with their exacting solos (as originally recorded), vocals, harmonies, and musicality, all while keeping you moving with their high energy show.

Hey Nineteen a Tribute to Steely Dan is comprised of top professional musicians, many of whom have performed with Grammy- winning, international artists. Hey Nineteen brings the big hits and the deep cuts, from ‘Do It Again’ to ‘Your Gold Teeth II’, from ‘Reelin’ in the Years’ to “Doctor Wu” and many more. Check out the gig section for a listing of all Hey Nineteen performances.

Tom TsourisThe show last night at Showcase Live was fantastic. If you’ve never seen Steely Dan live but always wanted to, go to one of Ajay’s shows. You will get the experience and be very hard pressed to tell the difference ! Congrats to Ajay and all the rest of the band.

Tom Tsouris

Bob SloaneFB friends and Steely Dan Lovers you need to see this great Band Hey Nineteen just does a Great Job of Covering all the Steely Dan Classics and then some!! I give them a Huge Thumbs Up!!

Bob Sloane

Sal GuglielminoRejoice, Steely Dan fans, the next best thing to seeing the real band live is a local group of ten exceptional musicians who play the music, note perfect.  Fantastic horns, great vocals, soaring guitars, terrific and attractive female singers—all blended together to complete a perfect mix. Add a great keyboardist, bad-ass bassist, and driving drummer and you’ve got a musical libation that will shock your senses.

Sal Guglielmino

mark-scettaYou guys are so professional, the harmonies are tight, it feels great to hear The Dan and see all those people loving it. Huge congrats, I know those arrangements are challenging and you guys are nailing it!

Mark Scetta

joe marinoHaving been a part of or around the music business since the 80s, I have to say that I am hard to impress. This past Friday night, I was extremely impressed! This band is TIGHT! Production, presentation, sound, and incredible musicianship combined for a thoroughly enjoyable show. This band does something that Steely Dan has not always been able to do, which is reproduce the amazing Steely Dan sound live. Well done!

Joe Marino

Gary LeanuesI can’t say enough about the incredible musicianship of everyone in this band. If you love Steely Dan you have to check out Hey Nineteen. They cover all of the popular songs and the hidden gems as well.

Gary Leanues

jim ainsburgI saw you last night at Twin River Casino, and I was floored by how effortless you made this great music sound!! Solid and tight band; horn section flawless, female vocalists superb. Great, great show.

Jim Ainsburg

duzyYou guys were GREAT!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Especially loved the girls harmonies.


Duzy Chlopak

10003937_702461579810530_1066589092_nHey Nineteen – Loved this whole night!

Terry Sinclair

Official Website - www.hey19band.com

Official Website – http://www.hey19band.com

Saw Hey 19 at Newport Slots they do an amazing job covering Steely Dan amazing musicians.

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